Way We Work

Discover all the Dog Rescue Romania Projects.


A house while waiting for a home.
The two Dog Rescue Romania Shelters provide an animal friendly living space for over 800 dogs.


A healthy dog is a happy dog.
Our private veterinary clinic provides the best care for owners as well as rescue associations.


Because we want everyone to care.
Our campaigns offer opportunity and education in animal welfare.


Every dog deserves a happy home.
The most precious gift to a shelter dog is a forever home.


First class travel on the way home.
Your best choice to transport your pet to his forever home.


Because rescue starts with you.
Promotion campaigns for adoption and animal welfare, all year long.

Dedicated To Animals

Dedicated to improving the life of animals in Romania.


A safe and animal friendly location for abandoned and abused dogs.


Our experienced vets take care of our animals every day.


Our Turbopet ambulance is used to intervene in the most urgent cases.


By finding a forever home we bring hope in the eyes of our dogs.

Spay & Neuter

By organising campaigns we work to counter overpopulation.

Tell their story

On our Facebook page you can follow our dogs stories.

Why join Dog Rescue Romania

  • Over a thousand dogs from the Dog Rescue Romania shelters in Bucharest and Braila have found forever homes and are living their dream.
  • With over 5000 animals neutered in our campaigns we prevented hundreds of thousands animals being born or abandoned on the streets.
  • To be able to continue saving hundreds of animals each year we need your support to offer them a chance to a new life.

Get to know your Rescue

The Dog Rescue Romania project was born out of love and respect for all the stray dogs on the streets in Romania.
The Dog Rescue Romania project was started in 2012. Dr. Rudi Hoffman and Dr. Garofita Hoffman saw and acted on the urgent need of selfless rescue in Romania. As veterinarians and life long animal lovers they grabbed the opportunity to do something great with both hands.
With a minimum of official support and even less funds they managed to create a project worth great respect. The admiration and support of animal lovers from all over Europe grew and so did Dog Rescue Romania. To continue this great project they still need your support. The Dog Rescue Romania project consists out of several different services. In the Dog Rescue shelter in Bucharest and Braila is space for 800 dogs and work exclusively with strays. The Dog Rescue Clinic in Bucharest takes care of the most urgent cases of abuse, injury and other medical issues. They also provide urgent medical intervention with their Turbo Pet ambulance for dogs no-one is able to bring to the clinic. The office of the clinic is also responsible for the adoptions out of the shelter and clinic. The Dog Rescue Sanctuary is a home offered by Dog rescue to a homeless family that now takes care of about 20 strays at the property.


For our projects to succeed we need your help

Distant Adoption

50.00/ month
  • Support a shelter dog
  • Provide food and shelter
  • Their new life starts with you


20%/ month
  • Company sponsorship
  • Profile your business
  • Get your company involved in animal rescue