Dog Rescue Romania

The Dog Rescue Romania project was started in 2012.

Dr. Rudi Hoffman and Dr. Garofita Hoffman saw and acted on the urgent need of selfless rescue in Romania.

As veterinarians and life long animal lovers they grabbed the opportunity to do something great with both hands.

The Dog Rescue Romania project was born out of love and respect for all the stray dogs on the streets in Romania.

With a minimum of official support and even less funds they managed to create a project worth great respect.

The admiration and support of animal lovers from all over Europe grew and so did Dog Rescue Romania.

To continue this great project they still need your support.

The Romanian government does not provide support.



Dog Rescue Clinic

The Dog Rescue Clinic officially opened its doors in February 2015.

As first and only of its kind in Romania, the clinic offers 24/7 service for anyone who brings in abandoned, abused or injured strays from the streets in Romania.

At the moment the clinic has a team of 7 veterinarians and 5 students.

The clinic also provides their Turbo Pet animal ambulance in urgent cases and sometimes drives hundreds of miles to pick up injured strays to bring them back to Bucharest.

The activities in the clinic include bone surgery, plastic surgery, neutering, vaccinating and full medical checks for strays.




Dog Rescue Shelter

The Dog Rescue Shelter was founded in May 2013.

The shelter works exclusively with strays and is a No-Kill shelter.

It's a safe haven for the strays that were abandoned on the streets and are waiting on a new home.

Not only does the shelter provide the basic needs like water, food and a safe place to live but the staff are working very hard to socialize the dogs to maximize their chance for adoption.

At the moment the shelter has a capacity for 250 - 300 dogs and Dog Rescue Romania is planning to expand as the needs on the streets are high.

For this they need your support and are totally dependent on donations.